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Trapped Escape Rooms…

Team size: 2 – 8
Time Limit: 60 mins

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The Bletchley Blueprints are Missing!

Step back in time to 1942…

Alastair Dennington the renowned cryptologist needs your help!

Working for a secret government department on a small project to crack the ENIGMA machine, he needs you to collect the blueprints from his private residence in Devon.

The documents are hidden in the flat somewhere behind a series of cryptic puzzles for you to solve. They must be found before they fall into the hands of the enemy.

Get the plans and key, get out as soon as you can.

Templars, Kingsmen Style Escape Room in Devon Okehampton

Team size: 2 – 8
Time Limit: 60 mins

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Templars the Secret Service

A rogue agent is destroying the secret service from within,

you must delve deep into the world of espionage to expose the perpetrator, your cover is an unassuming tailors shop but all is not what it seems…

Through a series of puzzles and tasks, you must uncover hidden files which pertain to the agent’s identity, be quick – intelligence has informed you that the agent will return in 60 minutes.

Get out with the files as soon as you can!

Team size: 2 – 8
Time Limit: 60 mins

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You are the last living relatives of the Tapper Estate.
 (284 Main Street)

Mr and Mrs Tapper where found dead in this house, their only child was never found…
In Mr D Tapper’s Will it was instructed that to become the legal owner of this property you will have to find the deeds which have been hidden in the house within the time period of 60 mins.
Mr Tapper has hidden the deeds behind a path of devious puzzles for you to solve…

Well Behaved Dogs Welcome at Devon Escape Rooms Trapped

  • star rating  Booked the Templars escape room and had an absolutely awesome time. We were rubbish and were constantly asking for clue. The whole experience was well thought out and every attention... read more

    3rd November 2020
  • star rating  Had this as a birthday gift, four of us went along. It was great fun from start to finish and the host Dan was fab. Look forward to trying out... read more

    avatar thumb Storm F
    24th September 2018
  • star rating  This was the first escape room I have never escaped from and that, for me, is the biggest compliment I can give this place! The room was brilliantly challenging for... read more

    21st February 2020
  • star rating  My wife and I have done a few rooms together, and these are definitely some of the toughest, forgoing typical conventions and easy to spot groupings of clues etc. But... read more

    A D
    12th January 2020
  • star rating  Never done one of these before, but what fun. We were useless and were well and truly stuck, but really enjoyed the experience. Worth a visit.

    avatar thumb Kate M
    25th March 2018
  • star rating  Myself and my partner are big fans of escape rooms and we have experienced nearly 10 so far from all over the south west.
    The two escape rooms at... read more

    avatar thumb Lee H
    18th September 2020
  • star rating  Words can't quite describe how fantastic our escape room experience was! From the moment you arrive right through to when you finish (or have lots of help to finish...!) you... read more

    Lara Victoria M
    4th October 2020
  • star rating  Amazing experience! Incredibly imaginative and original. With authentic and well designed sets. Ran by a very pleasant talkative and enthusiastic man. Would recommend 100% and will be returning to hopefully... read more

    avatar thumb jayw652
    4th March 2019
  • star rating  Just spent an excellent hour in the Trapped Escape room. Clever and well thought out( albeit it got the better of us!). Hosted really well and well worth a visit.... read more

    avatar thumb thedroitwichshrek
    30th July 2021
  • star rating  Really impressed with this, six of us went and we all loved it. Very professional set up with friendly staff, great period detail and fiendish puzzles-but with plenty of extra... read more

    avatar thumb Daleybob
    15th May 2018