Templars the Secret Service


The following rules are non-negotiable and are for the protection of you, customers and staff.

By booking with us you agree to the following:

1. Teams must show up exactly on time. Early teams will simply be told to come back at the right time, but late teams will have that time docked off their game duration. We are normally more lenient with this, but to avoid interactions between teams it is vital that the schedule is adhered to.

2. You must thoroughly wash or sanitise your hands on entrance and exit to the building. Hand sanitiser is provided

4. If someone in your team is showing Covid symptoms then they must let us know as soon as they are able and we will re-schedule the booking.

The New Room, Templars Escape room From Trapped in Devon
Team size: 2 – 6
Time Limit: 60 mins

A rogue agent is destroying the secret service from within,

you must delve deep into the world of espionage to expose the perpetrator, your cover is an unassuming tailors shop but all is not what it seems…

Through a series of puzzles and tasks, you must uncover hidden files which pertain to the agent’s identity, be quick – intelligence has informed you that the agent will return in 60 minutes.

Get out with the files as soon as you can!

Team size: 2 – 6
Time Limit: 60 mins

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