GDPR ready logo, trapped escape room okehamptonTrapped Escape Rooms Okehampton / staff and or owners hereinafter referred to as Trapped and the client referred to as the booker.

  1. The data collected is for the purposes of a contract which has been made between the booker and Trapped, via the online payment portal Paypal (using their contractual terms and conditions to fulfil the payment request and transfer). Thus the delivery method of this transaction, including data collected, is encrypted via Paypal {more information on Paypal here}

2. Once the email has been received by Trapped, this information including the booking form (sent via the website and payment receipt (sent via Paypal) is archived and stored online in a secure 3rd party data storage company (Dropbox) this information is kept as a record of income for Trapped in accordance with HMRCs appliance policy. After the duration of seven years, this data will be destroyed (deleted).

3. The data collect under the guise of the hand completed waiver forms, is stored under lock and key in paper form until it can be scanned, encrypted and digital stored as per (2).

4. Trapped will not use, sell and or reproduce any of the data information held on the client.

5. Trapped has appointed a data officer and more information and contact can be made with this person via Trapped’s contact form.